A Dev’s Progress

Getting this to work was one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted : )

Updated first two chapters

I’ve updated the first couple of chapters of The Aegis Saga – Blood using the new ‘turn page’ feature from ‘Brain-bug’ and the new open world style feature from ‘Explore Stonecross’ – (p.95).

Want to hear about it when The Aegis Saga Blood is released? (I will only ever email you when a story is released.) Now all the code is in place, I’ll be continuing through the rest of the chapters on the heels of the editor Juliane Ashwood!

Explore Stonecross as an Open World

An experiment with using the randomisation I’ve been learning with an ‘open world’ style. It’s bare bones at the moment, but you get the point ; )

I’ve tried to build a mechanic that:

1/ Allows you to move around freely.

2/ Randomly generates the places you travel around.

3/ Then remembers them so you can return there (and some day interact with the things you find there.)

Explore Stonecross =

Want to hear about it when The Aegis Saga Blood is released? (I will only ever email you when a story is released)

The rumblings of old gods

So it turns out there was once a war between the disciples of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and the ancient race of the ‘Parsers’.

They fought many times to determine the true meaning question at the end of the Universe (specifically what software it was asked in…)

Today we still hear the rumbles of thunder from the mountain – the jagged place where books meet games. But the argument about ‘what interactive fiction is’ feels a bit old hat – like its become a common mythology. I feel like asking the ones who are still rumbling to quieten down a bit.

They have the status of Titans and Olympians, with about as much modern relevance.

Anyhow – I wanted to list some other CYOA platforms for people who wanted to see if it was something they wanted to try, and if so – help them find the one that seemed the right fit for them:







I fell into Choicescript because it was easy to start, the things I’d read at the top of the app stores were in CS, and because the community was really strong and supportive. I’ll have a go at a list of some non CYOA later.  Happy hunting!

The rumblings of old gods
The rumblings of old IF gods


Trains, rain – and an awesome song

I had a hell of a day – I can’t even describe how horrible trying to travel around the country by train was today . . .

=- BUT -=

This evening I also received my ending soundtrack – ‘Lady of Flowers’ sung by lonnamarie

I think she’s really talented!

Lonna is singing a lament based on one of the songs sung by the defenders of Solace. If you want to know what the city of Solace is, and why it’s people sing songs like the Lady of Flowers . . . well you’re just going to have to read The Aegis Saga

; )

Phew – at least I know who I should be talking at, I wonder if any of them will listen?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to map out who I’d like to contact when The Aegis Saga – Blood is published.

Reviewers come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve focused on people who have shown any interest in interactive fiction, starting from those who’ve reviewed Choice of Games titles or Hosted Games titles, before going through a range of indie game reviewers and fantasy ebook reviewers.

Those that have twitter accounts I’ve followed, those who don’t I’m trying to track through WordPress follows, reviewer listing sites or even simple old-tech lists : )

There’s a lot of advice out there about putting together press kits, press releases, preparing for podcast interviews, the do’s and don’ts of review asks.

It’s a tough old world out there getting a review or two – especially when you’re starting out and trying to differentiate yourself amongst the clamour. Guess we’ll have to roll the dice and see!

In the meantime I’ve had fun doing some screenshots for my press kit – which is kinda tricky when you’re writing a text game . .



The Aegis Saga -Book One

Will you lead a remnant people to the stars? Or else choose to murderously ascend the human throne? Or will you become monstrous, warped by magic and barrensblight?

The Aegis Saga is an interactive fantasy story in which you can choose your own rich path through the bloodline politics of The Two Kingdoms, the blighted wastes of the Barren Lands and the golden power-soaked cities of Lydia.

The Consort is gone, the heirs are dead, and you may be the last surviving successor to the Yellow throne. Or not.

Start your journey in Book 1 of The Aegis Saga. Coming soon.

Adrienne Valdes’s first illustration for ‘Blood’


Love the touches in the sky and the reflections in the water. Adrienne is not only a great artist but is also lovely to work with and I’m looking forward to commissioning more work from her in the future!

We should shortly have a cover image for ‘Blood’ too, which I’m very excited about. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about getting this first illustration is that I write thousands of words about the world of Eris, but this picture gave me one of the strongest impressions I’ve had of standing back and appreciating the place : )

Thanks Adrienne!

Adrienne’s website is: https://vandaldinesere.carbonmade.com/


‘Venom beneath the skin’

It’s now submitted! In a short month the judges will decide on the winners (there are a few categories in there).  The competition title is ‘poisonous intent’.

My story is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, but set within the fantasy world of Eris. It was written over 31 days and I hope to use it as a basis for a full length story.

It’s a comedic romance with a little action, told about two races and two lovers (potentially! The narrative is choice-driven, so that’s up to you!)

Would you like to hear about about new stories when they are released? (I will only ever email you after one of my releases)

I love interactive fiction and indie games and I hope this short story will help a few people get acquainted with me and possibly even get interested in my full length story ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’.  Now the competition is drawing to a close, I’ll be getting back to preparing ‘Blood’ for release through Choice of Games’ Hosted Games label.

I hope you enjoy ‘Venom beneath the skin’ when its released, and please keep your fingers crossed for me in the competition.