About me

Who am I?

I live with my partner (a very talented sculptor) and our two wonderful dogs in the UK, south of London.

I used to struggle with video game addition, and when I tried to give them up I struggled with losing an amazing source of interaction – with fantasy, history and sci-fi.

But then I found Choice of Games, which allowed me to supercharge my experience of reading fiction by allowing me to participate interactively with the amazing stories other people were telling.

One day I picked up my laptop, and finding out how easy it was to start out with choicescript I became an aspiring author and started my very own interactive novel ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’.

It was my partner Tanya who encouraged me to keep going, and it was Scotland and the croft we have visited there over the years that gave me a quiet place to be myself and just write.

Thanks for reading!