The Author

Charles Parkes lives on a Welsh hill and keeps alpacas. The Aegis Saga is his debut interactive fantasy novel, published through ‘Hosted Games’ a label of ‘Choice of Games’

He is devoted to fantasy and sci-fi, but gets mad when a story ends. If he could get inside a fantasy novel and live there for a few years, he would. That’s why he loves reading and writing interactive fiction!

Charles managed a London art college where he met his wife, the celebrated animal sculptor Tanya Russell. They went to Wales (in the United Kingdom) together to sell her sculpture full-time again. Tanya makes the best dog sculptures in the UK and together they make all kinds of animals that are sold all over the world.

Charles enjoy the wilderness (though he occasionally complains about the internet speeds). It’s given him an opportunity to jump into writing and though he’s only written one novel so far, he’s only 31, and he’s got all the time in the world!

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