The rumblings of old gods

So it turns out there was once a war between the disciples of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and the ancient race of the ‘Parsers’.

They fought many times to determine the true meaning question at the end of the Universe (specifically what software it was asked in…)

Today we still hear the rumbles of thunder from the mountain – the jagged place where books meet games. But the argument about ‘what interactive fiction is’ feels a bit old hat – like its become a common mythology. I feel like asking the ones who are still rumbling to quieten down a bit.

They have the status of Titans and Olympians, with about as much modern relevance.

Anyhow – I wanted to list some other CYOA platforms for people who wanted to see if it was something they wanted to try, and if so – help them find the one that seemed the right fit for them:







I fell into Choicescript because it was easy to start, the things I’d read at the top of the app stores were in CS, and because the community was really strong and supportive. I’ll have a go at a list of some non CYOA later.  Happy hunting!

The rumblings of old gods
The rumblings of old IF gods


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