Happiness and writing/game design

I woke up extra early today and told myself I’d use the time coding, but instead ended up looking at the forums and social media . . . I don’t know if anyone else has a great method of motivating themselves? Sometimes I feel like the only thing that really works for me is to lock myself in a small room without any distractions at all (preferably when I know I should really be working on something else).

Happiness in game design.JPG

I think one thing the social media stuff is doing for me at the moment is providing thing that make me happy or make me laugh. So I don’t think it’s all unproductive.  When I was studying English Literature I felt the most important thing to me was humour – a counter response to nihilism, perhaps. But who can argue against endorphins?

It did mean that @Matticus Primal provided me with some awesome CYOA story structure inspiration on bestfantasybooks.com that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I was also able to try to cheer someone up who is feeling low – we’ve all been there, and weirdly = what an amazing place for instant human interaction forums are, even at distance.

I think the link between happiness and game design for me is that the one doesn’t seem to happen without the other. And now I feel ready to get stuck into some more writing.

I’m a bit annoyed I’ve now run out of time this morning and will have to go to work soon. Grrr… Oh well, I might as well cheer myself on youtube and on the forums in the meantime…





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