Fear and Envy

So I’m becoming afraid of finishing ‘Blood’.

I don’t know if this is normal – but I can feel its publication drawing near and I still have a big feature I want to add. A linear story-line.

I’ve wanted this to be available from the start – basically because I don’t think interactive fiction is just about offering a reader choices about how the story should turn out. It has the potential to do more, including allowing the reader to choose ‘how’ to read.

I want people to be able to choose not to read my story as a choice-driven narrative. So yes, for a CYOA fan I’m crazy…

But the point is: writing this linear path makes it feel like I’m writing a novel. It feels like the quality has to be that much higher, and I don’t know if I’m up to it.

I’m now back from the last art show Tanya and I have scheduled for this year, so no more excuses. I have to engage with this now – and to tell the truth I’m scared.

I don’t feel confident that I’ll do ‘Blood’ justice.

Why envy? Well, that’s slightly off-point, but check out the place that held the art show = Blenheim Palace.


I don’t want to live there, but – I wouldn’t mind having my own lake… : )

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