Announcing ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’

The full ten chapters of my interactive fantasy novel ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’ are being proofed now, prior to going to a publisher.

(click here to find the four chapter demo and here to find a brief description of the story)


3 thoughts on “Announcing ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’

  1. Rulai

    Pretty cool buddy, I’m still working my way through the novel, will let you know how it goes when I reach the end. This is quite a project, It’s awesome you’ve got it working.


    1. Ha ha – does mean I have to engage more with social media! Not sure how easy that’s going to come to me. . . Anyways – you should give choicescript a try, it’s a really fun medium to write a short story in. You’d be awesome at it : )


  2. We didn’t watch that much TV when we were little – Charles would keep us busy.

    If we weren’t keeping up with the responsibilities of life in our self-built Lego towns – designing houses, buying cars and paying taxes – we might have been lucky enough to escape into the weird and wonderful ‘Quest’ realm inside my brother’s head.

    Charles would construct stories for us, with characters of our choosing, set in worlds he had fabricated probably from scraps of Terry Pratchett landscapes, JRR Tolkien novels, PC games and the stacks of fantasy pulp fiction on his bookshelves.

    The crucial element of the Quest was choice – you could choose who you wanted to be, seek out anywhere you wanted to live, and pursue whatever was most important to your character. Undoubtably inspired by the ‘Warhammer Quest’ card games, he and his unsually creative and eccentric school friends practised the art of interactive story-telling from as early as I can remember.

    I’m very proud of Charles for writing the ‘Aegis Saga – Blood’. It is a real achievement that couldn’t be more in line with how I have always viewed my brother: as an individualist, a peculiar, earnest thinker who took a generous delight in sharing the sprawling landscapes and parallel worlds of his imagination.

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