Being a villain – and writing evil

This a tough, tough challenge that I’ll be looking a bit more at today in ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’ – one piece of feedback I have is that I need to develop the ‘evil’ choices a bit more.

I mean to spend a bit more time today asking the questions: ‘why doesn’t everyone choose the selfless path in life?’ What motivates people to cut others down to succeed? Why do they value their anger or envy or ambition more highly than the prevention of suffering of other people?

Evil choices will be certainly be more prevalent in the sequel to ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’. For one, the reader’s avatar in ‘Blood’ is still young and I’m not sure an Omen style evil child option (where the avatar can act from a very young age as though they were fundamentally damaged) is really appropriate for the narrative. But I do think there’s plenty of room for evil you can relate to and distinguishing that from evil a reader cannot relate to is sometimes going to be tough!

I don’t claim to be particularly good at seeing all the ways a person can approach a choice, but there are ways to try and understand the driving factors of making a choice one way or the other. So I’ve gathered a little inspiration – images and text about evil and other human choices, and I hope it will be one of the several things I develop in ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’ today.

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