Blood and games

“It’s a short story. Make it faster, with more action, and someone should die soon.”

Writing this short story to get my name out in the Choice of Games community may represent a bite too large to chew. When my last few days have been spent at Chelsea Flower Show, and with the counter to the end of the month remorselessly ticking down, it may be the wrong time to spend a couple of hours watching Spartans and Athenians massacring Persians at sea, and getting massacred in their turn.

But maybe not – when you’re being told to inject some action into your short story to captivate judges interest with blood and games. Let’s face it, the Choicescript Comp is not judged by just any standard reader, but by choicescript buffs, fan-fiction fanatics, and yes, even one or two people prepared to waste an evening watching the sequel to 300. . . People a bit like me.

Well my work is done for a few days at Chelsea. And it’s time to work some action and blood into my short game and get this thing finished. And maybe one day in the very distant future, enough people may have heard of Charles Parkes – amateur gardener and indie author – to buy an interactive story for 1 dollar 99 cents.

Maybe. . .

: )


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