It’s dark

It’s 4 am, I’m sitting in front of the beverages of choice from last night – wine and ketchup. It’s dark . . . and we’re wearing sunglasses.

Time to crack on with some of the last feedback on editing ‘The Aegis Saga – Blood’.

Then I’m going to write the linear option for the interactive story.

Why put a linear option in an interactive novel?
Very, very good question.Wine-bottle-ketchup-crisp-packet-dark-Charles-Parkes-writer Hmm. . . I think I enjoy choice in reading so much that I want others to discover it and hopefully enjoy it too. But let’s face it, the experience doesn’t always come naturally.

Many choicescript stories feel bitty, and the constant demand for the reader to make a choice can also feel demanding.

Hence the linear option. I hope that one or two people will read ‘Blood’ as a linear novel and then say, “actually, I enjoyed that. I want to get involved myself and choose a path through the story.”

That’s the hope, anyway!

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