Want to write? Try interactive fiction

I’ve had so much joy working with interactive fiction. But before you get started you need to tick a couple of things off your mental list:

1/ Do you have the stamina to write 2 or 3 choices that give the reader different narrative experiences, where an author writing a linear novel would simply write 1?

2/ Where would you like to start? One big temptation is to write what you think you should be writing, rather than what you feel you want to write.

Getting started as an aspiring author isn’t the same as starting a company and making your first product. You should try to ensure your first attempts (there may be one or two, there may be many) should be as friction-free as possible.

So write what you want at first! Then decide what your next project will be. I chose fantasy, because I always knew inside that I enjoyed it more than many ‘worthier’ types of writing. After a couple of false starts I wrote a whole fantasy story of 380,000 words including code, and I called it ‘Blood’ – it’s to be my first book in an intended trilogy. It may not be a money maker, but I now consider myself an aspiring writer, and I found it easier to pick up a pen and work on the sequel.