Other GREAT interactive fiction!

‘The Aegis Saga’ is just one example of how readers can interact with fiction.

Check out these works by other choicescript authors

Aaron A. Reed – ‘Hollywood Visionary

Alana Joli Abbott – ‘Choice of Kung Fu’, ‘Showdown at Willow Creek

Gavin Inglis – ‘Neighbourhood Necromancer’, ‘Eerie Estate Agent

Heather Albano – ‘Choice of Romance‘, ‘Choice of Broadsides‘, ‘Study in Steampunk

Jim Datillo – ‘Zombie Exodus

Lucid – ‘Life of a Wizard’, ‘Paradox Factor’, ‘Life of a Mobster’, ‘Lost Heir

Paolo Chikiamco – ‘Slammed

Paul Wang – ‘Sabres of Infinity

Teo Kuusela – ‘The Best of Us’, ‘Lords of Aswick